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Bi-Monthly Newsletter Issue#1

Happy New Year’s Neosaurs

Welcome to the first Official Moderators of Neosaurs Newsletter. We have lots to cover in this issue of the Bi-Monthly Neosaurian News.

The Mod’s have landed
On January 6th 2012, [GM]Joeya posted a thread about forum moderators. The Forum Moderators duties are to remove inappropriate posts, like spam, as well as keep things positive around the forum. Applications were due by the January 10th, Forum Mods took their posts on Febuary 9th, 2012. The Forum Moderators are Snottie, Sleeptalker and [CBT]Darren. Also thanks to the addition of Forum Moderators, the GM team will be able to refocus there efforts to answering tickets from the support site.

Finally a new towns, new evolutions and some new skills?
During the recent (Jan 12th) Dungeon Play with the GMs event [GM]Alice repeated the phrase “New Towns and New Skills will be updated soon”. We are quickly coming up on the 1 year anniversary of release of Aroumian, the forth town in Neosaurs. No other news has been release about Town V. We can infer several things, new monsters, new NCP’s, new quests, a new dungeon and boss and a raise in the level cap. Their is also the matter of the new evolution. Does this mean the addition of a new class of neosaurs, or will our current classes evolve again into something different? The new towns, skills and evolutions are TBA at this point and can only be speculated as to when they will be release and what they will be like.

WSOD problem
After the Febuary 2nd update many players where left seeing the dreaded brother of the Blue Screen of Death, the White Screen of Death(WSOD). According to a poll conducted on the Neosaurs Facebook page of players (1383 polled), players that where the worst hit where using Chrome/ium (934 players), followed by Firefox (296 players) Internet Explorer (118) with Safari and Opera appearing least problmatic (with 23 and 12 players repectfully) Due to this issue, Neosaurs’ developers decided to host a “Double Exp” Event on Febuary 11th through the 12th.

Other News
We recently had the “Open the Mysterious Treasure Chest Event” which ran from January 4th to February 1st. To get a chest you need only have killed any monster. A new NCP called Leyten appeared and you could get quests that would give you 1-2 free key(s) for each set of quests. If you had wished to buy a key they were 9 Neotokens each in the Cash Shop. Also on Febuary 16th We had the release of the new Ultimate Dungeon. The new dungeon brings with it new armor. Also the new dungeon has several boss stages and is a combination of the 3 main dungeons, Moonglow Forest, Dungeon of Memories and Badlands Dungeon. Also this month was the “Beginners Welcome Parade” which included pictures with the GM’s a Q&A segment and a Facebook Random Winners Contest.

N.F.M. Darren’s Corner
Mod’s corner will be dedicated to all the other stuff from Neosaurs. Like messages from the Mods, Player of the Month, Stats from the forum and game tips. In this Issue of Mod’s corner we have a gamer’s tip for Ptera’s from the famed neosaurian nano007 (this tip was originally posted on the forum) Ptera’s are know as the healer class in Neosaurs because of their ability to heal themselves and their party. To heal it cost MP, the more you have the more you can heal. So how can you get a lot of MP quickly without wasting potions? Answer: Use Armor that has MP Regen and MP+ stats. This will not only maximize your total MP but how fast it is replenished.

Final Thoughts
We have had a lot happen since the start of the new year. Mod’s, Towns, Skills and Events. If you have an idea for a story or a players tip contact [CBT]Darren

See you around game and on forum

The Mods


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